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Who Are We?

My name is Krishna Murthy Dhagam, more popularly known as, “IIT Krishna Murthy.” 

 As a renowned mathematics professor in Hyderabad, India, I have successfully coached countless students to excel in the IIT-JEE (a joint entrance examination conducted by the Indian Institutes of Technology) as well as achieve steady academic success.   I want to expand my scope to students across the world as they learn to solve their current and future homework problems. 

 Our present focus is on Math and Science, but we plan to extend our curriculum to other subjects as we add subject-matter experts to our team. 

 What Makes Us Unique?

Unlike other websites, we will not simply provide answers to homework problems.  Rather, we teach problem-solving concepts that will allow students to solve problems on their own.  We provide interactive lessons via video chat as well as email lessons for those who are unable to commit to a sit-down session. 

 Do I Have to Pay?

Registration is free and, once registered, students can take advantage of the following services, most of which are free.  Some services may require a nominal payment.  Feel free to drop us a comment if you have any questions about the services offered. 

What Are Our Services For Registered Users?

Our services include:

?     Coaching on the topic of your choice (appointment required)

o     Ask specific subject-related questions to clear your doubts

o     Online interaction with real teachers

o     Screen Share to illustrate concepts

o     Scheduled appointment required

?     Online homework session (appointment required)

o     Complete your homework while chatting with teachers

o     Online interaction with teachers while you complete your homework

o     Screen Share to demonstrate problem solving techniques

o     Scheduled appointment required

?     Send your questions by e-mail

o     Receive step-by-step guidance to solve difficult problems

o     Save these guides as a reference for future problem-solving

o     Solve problems whenever you have time

o     No appointment required

?     Counseling for Students and Parents by Psychologists

o     Coming Soon

?     Training and guidance for Teachers

o     Coming Soon



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